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Call for Artists

If you are a photographer who….

Is up at 4am to catch the rising sun
Travels hundreds of miles to experience new places
Obsesses over sharpness, composition and quality
Loves the thrill of capturing a stellar new image…

Then we would like to hear from you!

Want to join Pixel Boss? Here’s what you need to know

Imagine having a full time business partner who could promote your photography and provide a 24/7 commerce platform to drive your sales. Imagine being free to concentrate on what you love: taking images.

Here at Pixel Boss, we provide marketing and sales tools that will get your images in front of high profile clients. Our stock photography collection is made up of world class images, captured by world class artists.

70 Percent

Seventy Percent. That’s what our artists make on each sale. We believe in financially supporting our photographers so that they have the resources to keep doing what they love. That is why our artist royalties are higher than any other site on the web.
Our images are sold in three unique sizes…Here’s the breakdown.

Web $150

Artist makes $105

Print $400

Artist makes $280

Ultra $1,000

Artist makes $700

Not your average stock photo site

The Pixel Boss photography collection is hand-picked by a panel of experts. We have very rigorous quality standards, which means that not just anyone can make the cut. We are looking for the best of the best.

If you think you have what it takes to join the top photographers in the industry, please refer to our list of requirements below. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.

We only accept GINORMOUS files! Not everyone shoots on a medium format system. Before you move on to the submission guidelines, it may help to learn the basics of stitching multiple images into a large format photo. Please visit our Panoramic Fundamentals Page.

The Pixel Boss photography collection consists of ultra high resolution images designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of our international roster of clients. Most of our photographers work on a medium format platform, capturing images at 80 plus megapixels. Those working in the 35mm DSLR format create all of their images by stitching large panoramic files.

Because we only accept ultra high definition images, single-frame 35mm files are typically not going to make the cut. Please use the following guidelines to help you prepare your submissions.

  • Ultra High Resolution

    Each image must be a minimum of 50 Megapixels. Below is a 120Megapixel sample panorama made from a 35mm DSLR.

  • Size Requirements

    Any image which does not meet these size requirements will not be considered (It’s heartbreaking, we know! We’ve had to turn down some really awesome work). Furthermore, images which have been captured at a smaller native resolution and then resampled to a larger file size in Photoshop will not be considered.

  • Portfolio Review: Send us your website

    If your portfolio contains images which match our size requirements, please send us a link to your website so that we may begin evaluating your work. Furthermore, don’t be shy to tell us a little about yourself in a compelling cover letter. Kind words can often speak volumes…

  • Evaluation

    Each artist portfolio will be evaluated by a panel of experts to determine overall composition and quality. This process is an art, not a science! Due to the high volume of submissions, the judging process can take up to three weeks when considering new artists. We’re very excited to see your work and we thank you for your patience.

  • We will be in touch

    If our panel of judges determines that your work is of outstanding quality, one of our executive producers will follow up with you. We like to personally get to know each of our artists, and will reach out for a one on one consultation.

  • If your work is not selected...

    We believe in cultivating our prospective artists. If your work does not make the cut, we will be happy to provide constructive criticism on how to be successfully selected in the future. Most artists have really outstanding work, but not everyone has the Ultra High Resolution images we require. We are happy to share the techniques our artists use to create gigantic, gorgeous images.

Ready to Join Pixel Boss?
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