Resolution Explained

What is Ultra High Resolution?

Put simply, Ultra High Resolution images contain a colossal amount of data, or pixels, which can be used to create gigantic photographs of unparalleled sharpness and quality. As a standard metric, we consider any image which has 8,500 pixels on a given dimension to be Ultra High Definition. At Pixel Boss, every single image in our catalogue uses this standard. This is why our images can be printed in super large format without sacrificing any quality.

What are pixels and how do they work?

Every digital image is comprised of tiny units called pixels. A pixel can be described as a miniature block of color. These tiny blocks are arranged into a grid so that they collectively form a picture.

Much like it takes thousands of mosaic tiles to form a mural, it takes millions of pixels to form a photograph. The more pixel information you have to work with, the larger the image you can make

When Resolution Falls Short

Blurry images can damage your business and your brand.

When you take a low resolution photo and blow it up to a large scale, it quickly becomes clear that there is not enough data, or pixel information to form a sharp, clear image. Using high resolution images is the best way to ensure that you get the quality you deserve.

Placing blurry photographs into your marketing materials can be a serious embarrassment to your business and your brand. At Pixel Boss, our catalogue of Ultra High Resolution photos will ensure that you always have enough sharpness and detail for any project at any scale.

A New Standard in Quality

What makes Pixel Boss different from other stock photography?

We are committed to providing world class content to our clients. Every single image in our catalogue meets the highest standards of resolution and quality. Put simply, our photos are the largest of any stock photography on the web.

Our roster of contributing photographers use highly specialized cameras to capture massive amounts of image data with each new photo. Every image in our library is hand picked by a panel of judges to ensure excellent composition, sharpness and detail.

Unparalleled Quality at Any Scale

At Pixel Boss, we pride ourselves on producing world class images of the planet’s most beautiful locations. Our talented photographers travel the globe every day seeking out magic light, perfect conditions and unforgettable moments. See for yourself. The writing is on the wall.